Hitting Client Pain Points

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your products or services are if they don’t address your audience in a way they understand. For example, asking for more funds for a project you’re working on will not be as effective as you telling management the consequences if this project fails due to a shortage of funds.

When Presenting your key take away to your audience you need to think from THEIR perspective and position the message in a way they see value in. Just like when people sell you something, the first thing you think about is WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?” needless to say, your audience is thinking the exact same thing.

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Nervous? Dont calm down, get excited!

We all get nervous before an important presentation and I’m often asked about ways to overcome nervousness before we present. Most try to eliminate the anxiety by calming down but, as research shows, this is the worse possible option. The research, out of Harvard Business School and published in the esteemed “Journal of Experimental Psychology”, took on the subject of re-framing anxiety to either calmness or excitement prior to presenting. The results produced a statistically significant improvement in performance along a range of measures, including persuasiveness, confidence, competency and persistence, as well as the duration of the speech.

So how? It obviously can’t be that easy. In fact, it is and it doesn’t involve obtaining a deep meditative state or the like…just simply tell yourself, aloud: “I am excited”. Yes, that’s it, that simple. People who declared “I am excited” outperformed those who declared “I am calm”.

The study didn’t look at the impact of repeating the statement but my experience tells me the more you say it to yourself, the greater the impact. So, when you are next feeling nervous, find a quiet place and say to yourself, out loud: “I am excited”. Your performance will improve noticeably, you will speak slower and you will prove to be a more influential speaker.

Oh…and it always helps to use a professional presentation designer too!

How to Become an Influential Presenter

Ok, so you have been asked to do a Presentation in 3 weeks’ time about the results of a recent project you and your team have successfully completed. What’s the FIRST thing you do? Like most people, you would put it aside and not think about it until 3 days before the Presentation.

You then panic, open PowerPoint and find whatever slides have been used in the past and make tweaks so it’s more appropriate for your Presentation.

This is definitely NOT the right thing to do and it’s better you spend some time planning your Presentation and set the objective of what you want to achieve. A good way to do this is by completing the sentence “At the end of the Presentation I want the audience to ….”

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