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Experienced in Business, want to work your own hours from home?

Experienced in Business, want to work your own hours from home?

Are you an experienced business person taking a break from the corporate world?  Would you like to earn money working from home, basically working your own hours? Maybe we can help.

PowerfulPoints is one of Australia’s leading visual design houses. We work with clients on a range of things, primarily presentations and videos.

We are looking for some people to be trained as Content and Structure writers, and, where appropriate, script writers. We aren’t looking for practicing copywriters, that’s not what we are seeking. We are looking for business people who can, after our training, create content for and with our clients and designers.

If you enjoy business, if you want the opportunity to exercise your mind across a range of industries and you consider yourself a reasonable writer, we’d love to hear from you.  Most of the work can be done from home, at hours that suit you, although the ability to meet deadlines is essential.

If this appeals to you, please send in your details via:

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