When Zuckerberg presents the whole world listens

From new product launches, raising seed capital, first round funding, growth capital, reporting to stakeholders or simply keeping your employees up to date on what is happening within the company, here are some learning’s from Zuckerbergs presentation techniques that you need to consider.

So what are the lessons that we can apply to our own presentation techniques?

Imagine a beautiful present ruined by poor gift wrapping.

First impressions matter, a poorly created presentation can undo years of research, design and development. This can easily lead to a poor product launch costing millions of dollars in lost sales and loss of faith.

It’s your opportunity

Decision makers, influencers, and CEO’s of today and tomorrow have taken the time to attend your presentation, the people you want to target, are now all in one place.

Your role is to engage with purpose. They’re coming specifically to listen to what you have to say. It’s your opportunity to engage effectively.

You’re reaching a quality audience and it must be delivered with a professional context. Understanding the cost of getting a presentation professionally prepared is minuscule compared to what’s at stake.

It’s your responsibility to engage them in a meaningful way, sharing valuable content about your products, services or results, tailored to your audience. By doing so, you become part of your audience’s conversation.

Seize the opportunity to engage your audience

Achieve your presentation goals;

  1. Target – The group by creating meaningful awareness of your brand
  2. Engage – Your audience with quality content as they are forming perceptions and making decisions
  3. Optimize – The opportunity placed before you to generate quality leads and build your relationship

Specifically prepare your message for the right audience

With your specific goal in mind, PowerfulPoints can innovatively help you create multiple touch points and help influence your specific decision makers.

Learn more about how to become an influential presenter https://powerfulpoints.com.au/become-influential-presenter/

Lee Featherby (@mrpresentations)

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