These days it’s very difficult to find a competitive advantage, let alone a long term, strategic one. Business is just that competitive. Beyond technical innovation that require huge amounts of R&D, what can you do? Its not an easy question to answer.

I often ask a client to make a list of the things that make them unique, I usually hear “our people, our service, our pricing”. The thing is, if I were to ask their competitors to make the same list, I will get the same answers – not much of an advantage then, are they?

I don’t think I ever heard anyone say their people weren’t an advantage.

Interestingly, presentations can actually give you a competitive advantage. If you are presenting to your clients with a data heavy, text heavy presentation that is full of facts, you are missing out on a big opportunity. We’ve all sat though these and if you have had to sit through several of these in a row, it is hard to remember who said what… and people can’t make decisions on what they can’t remember.

A strongly branded presentation, one that focuses on the “why” (most just talk about the what, when, where, etc ) and tells a story, will give you a competitive advantage simply because other people aren’t doing it.

Here are some tips:

There are a lot of things you can do to gain a competitive advantage that don’t require years and millions of dollars. Sometimes It can be as simple as building a really powerful sales presentation.

Feel free to “Pick Our Brains” for 15 minutes. No obligation… we just want people to communicate better.

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