It’s with great delight I welcome our first franchisee to the fold, Andrew Lawrence, who joined PowerfulPoints in October.

Andrew has extensive business experience in marketing and sales and is the perfect candidate for a successful franchisee. With 15 years at Visy as a Business Manager across a range of divisions and 6 years with Dairy farmers as CMO, Andrew is highly skilled at talking to his clients about how to get their message across.

We create presentations, videos, motion graphics and other digital media…and even though Andrew has worked as a CMO, there is still a lot of specialist knowledge we need to impart.

Andrew’s initial 4 weeks of training is currently under way where he is learning about our systems and processes, our client service approach and importantly, what we term our craft: how to create a message that cuts through and gets heard.  After theis training, he will receive ongoing coaching every week for the next 22 weeks as part of his induction, then training as needed.

The beauty of a PowerfulPoints franchise is its extremely low fixed cost base, which means you get to keep nearly all the gross margin you produce. This makes profitability very revenue effective.

Everyone has their own reasons for becoming a franchisee. According to Andrew,

The PowerfulPoints franchise opportunity offers me the chance to run my own business and to take control of the rest of my business career. It is a proven business opportunity allowing me to fully leverage my significant network of business relationships. In addition, the chance to facilitate the landing of key messages for my clients is a passion for me developed over many years in General Management and Senior Marketing & Sales roles. From the moment I met Lee Featherby and the team I knew that this was the way forward for me and the chance to be a key player in building his franchise network is an unexpected bonus.”

Andrew is the ideal franchisee. He has a wealth a business experience in sales and marketing and has built an extensive network in the business community in that time. If this sounds like you and you have thought about going into your own business, or you’d like to discuss how we can help you recieve better resukts with your next project, we welcome you getting in touch. Email
or call us on +61 2 82124573

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