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We understand that first impressions matter.

We work closely with you to capitalise on your strengths and create a message that helps you nail it.

Do you have what it takes and the resources to present like an expert?

The old adage is true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. But seeing potential clients walking your during your presentation really how you want?

You’ve worked hard to earn the opportunity to present, your audience is investing their valuable time to hear you talk, why not respect this by preparing properly?

  • What’s the first thing you want them to experience?
  • What kind of first impression do you want to make on them?
  • What’s the mood you want your introduction to create?


Remember, what you say isn’t the only thing that creates an impression, it’s what you don’t say that also makes a difference.

Things like the venue you chose to present, the atmosphere you need to create, how you will be dressed for the occasion, the quality of your slides and how you will be pitching your presentation.

When all these things are done well you will succeed in creating a memorable first impression and grow your reputation as someone with authority on the topic that you’re presenting.

You may be deluding yourself in the fact that the audience may like you for your mind and not your appearance, fact is that their first impression is going to be based on experiences long before you start presenting.

Aristotle was the first to develop a formalized system for reasoning. Aristotle observed that the validity of any argument can be determined by its structure rather than its content. Source https://www.iep.utm.edu/aristotl/

In this article, Aristotle argued that, Trust should be created by the speech itself, and not dependant on the speaker being this or that kind of person.

Unfortunately in the modern world audiences will use the first few crucial seconds to judge your credibility.

You will no longer need to have a fear public speaking or be afraid of ruining your brands reputation when you engage the services and support of PowerfulPoints. Working together we will design a presentation that drives your message the way you intended it to and create a memorable first impression.  

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