Times up for boring presentations

Visual style, Structure, Narrative

25 years ago there was no internet, no email, no augmented or virtual reality, no social media, no streaming TV. 25 years ago there was no WhatsApp, no Instagram, no multimedia, no tablet computers. In fact, just about everything Marketing deals with today is totally different to how it was 25 years ago, except presentations. (And before you say anything, yes presentation software like PowerPoint was around 25 years ago.)

Its amazing that in a world where the marketing communications landscape has changed so dramatically, some organisations are still presenting the same way they were 25 years ago: text and data heavy slides, no narrative, logo on the corner of every slide, title up the top…and they wonder why they aren’t creating engagement, reinforcing their brand values and getting their message across.

To create an effective presentation today, you need to be aware of three crucial elements.

Structure: Without the right structure, your words won’t stick. We design a roadmap for your presentation to make sure your audience has the right information every step of the way.

Narrative: Every corporate presentation tells a story and every topic needs a narrative. The right narrative naturally builds, consolidates as needed, and remains utterly unforgettable.

Visual Style: Our designers can make you look good, and create a presentation with a visual style to not only match the info, but actively enhance it.

With structure, narrative and style working together, your presentation will achieve the results you want and stand out from the crowd like an orange zebra.

With our total design service, we can help you:

Identify the correct content

Place it in a convincing structure to help you reach your intended outcome

Support it with visually engaging slides that highlight your key messages

Wrap it in an engaging narrative so that your audience stay with you during the presentation

All of this brings a whole new level of confidence to your presentation, allowing you to speak with more authority and power. Should you need a little less than this, we can also help you tweak and polish your current presentation, or simply create a custom template to build on.

Our design services include designing presentations using PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or Video in either 2D or 3D.

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Lets get started!

Whether it be via PowerPoint or Keynote, Video or motion Graphic, Digital or traditional media we have developed a system that ensures you get your message across in a way that really reflects our brand and its values.

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