Do you really need to get your message across?

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We understand the frustration you are experiencing, of knowing what you want to say, but just dont know where to start. Even the most experienced speakers with the well made slides don’t always deliver a knockout effect. Why? It’s often because the powerpoint presentation wasn’t tailor-made to suit the message they were trying to deliver.

A great presentation is all about the preparation which leads to amazing results. We take the time to sit with you to fully understand what it is your are trying to achieve and work with you to create a solution that delivers the right message.

Sometimes you really need to get your message across

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All PowerfulPoints account service personnel come from a business background, not design. This gives us more insight into the issues you’re facing, and lets us work more closely towards your objectives. This understanding, in combination with our specialised training and experience, lets us translate your business goals into a very effective design brief.

PowerfulPoints does much more than simply create good looking slides – any graphic designer can do that – and even goes beyond content and delivery. We’re about making sure every single aspect is at its best, functionally working to the right objectives. Because we start with a solid objective, we always know what you need to achieve, and can make sure it gets done.

This is the core of what we do, and our writers, designers, coaches and presentation experts can work with you to build a presentation that not only impresses, but also achieves.

Every zebra has unique markings, they all look the same in a herd. Just like presentations. Here at PowerfulPoints, we make you stand out like an orange zebra. That’s how you get results.

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