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How to Create an Awesome Presentation – Managing Presentation Content

How do you create an awesome presentation? Firstly, we need to ask, what makes great presentation content? So far we have established our presentation objective, determined what our audience would need to know and have placed our content in a logical structure that makes sense. The next challenge is to see what content you have and whether they address the audience’s questions. Remember in our previous video I told you to divide your questions into groups within PowerPoint? (missed them?…

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Why An Audience Won’t Take Action – Delivering the right message to the right audience

How to get your message heard So you put your heart and sole into your presentation but failed to hit your sign up target Sound familiar? Most (but not all) business presentations are about having people take action – getting them to do something after the presentation.  Things like buy your product, approve your project, give you a pay rise or promotion, all sorts of things.  If that is the case, then you need to consider what will stimulate them…

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