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We create powerful presentations that help you captivate audiences, open doors and drive sales.

We help you generate opportunities through the creation of a compelling customer experience and provide you with the confidence and tools to increase conversions.

How great would it feel if you made one simple tweak to your presentation structure, and saw an immediate increase in enquiries and which lead to an growth in conversions?

I know, silly question. It would be awesome.

When you nail your pitch and your audience clearly understands how your solution meets their needs and addresses their frustrations, the easy part is asking for the sale.

What are the Keys to creating a powerful presentation that leads to higher conversion rates?

To start, people buy from people that can tell a convincing story in a manner that they can relate to, that solves a problem or frustration.

Here are a few proven psychological principles to help create a powerful presentation;
  1. Your target market will make their decision based on emotion. They decide based on a pain, frustration, feeling, need, or emotion – not necessarily using a logical process.
  2. People justify decisions with facts. If I told you that if you buy my widget you’d be a millionaire by Monday, I’m sure your answer would be “prove it”. In the case of products or services, not many people are prepared to invest money to be first to try it, they want comfort in having proof that the proposed solution has worked,  preferably in the form of a statistic or testimonials
  3. We are all in a sense egocentric. Ahh good old WIFM, what’s in it for me. There is no doubt that in our decision making process we look at things in terms of “how it relates to us personally” or “What’s in it for me?”
  4. Value is not always a monetary number, value is different for each of us based on our circumstances. It is most definitely relative to what you’re presenting and or selling, how well it solves the pain or frustration of your prospective customer and how badly they want it.
  5. How does your target market perceive the difference between your offer and your competitors. You must demonstrate a value that seems to be equal to or greater than the asking price. The greater the value relative to the price, the more likely people are to buy.
  6. When people buy, it’s not because your presentation was full of fancy images and words. Your audience will only buy if they believe you are someone they want to do business with, they believe what your telling them is the truth and that is will do what you say. To do this you will need will back up by enough evidence to satisfy the buyers anxiety.

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