How working with James Hudson and the Australia China Business Council created a dynamic result

PowerfulPoints recently had the pleasure of working with James Hudson and the Australia China Business Council to put together a dynamic presentation to help him propose the development of ChinaHub, a co-working space for Australian and Chinese companies involved in the bilateral trade and investment relationship.

“I knew if I wanted to get the concept across to the stakeholders I needed professional assistance.  Not only did I not have the time to create a presentation to the required  standard, I knew I needed something that looked a lot better than a standard presentation, which was about the limit of my skill set.  PowerfulPoints would allow us to create a professional and engaging presentation”.

Our first job was to create a presentation “look and feel”- a design that reinforced the brand while allowing for the effective delivery of the key messages.  James had already created a strong logo when he briefed us on the presentation, so we were off to a good start. With most presentations you can take the logo off the bottom of the presentation and include another logo would notice.  While we worked on creating a look that truly reflected the ChinaHub brand, James developed the content of the presentation.

With many clients we need to review and modify the content so it works from the perspective of the audience.  After all, few of us are actually trained in how to put together a presentation: it is something we often pick up from some else, who probably hasn’t had any training either.  If the presentation doesn’t present content in an engaging way and isn’t structured correctly it is not going to get the intended result.  With James however, he got it pretty right first up.

The outcome

When the look and feel was finalised we brought together the content and after a couple of tweaks, it was all set to go.

“There is no doubt getting the presentation done professionally made a BIG difference.  Importantly, everyone understood the key messages and I can’t tell you how much better you feel when you are presenting and you know the slides look great,”  

James said following the development of the presentation.

Below we have included part of the presentation.  If you’d like to see more of what we  can do, click here