Are you a high performance professional looking to take
control of your destiny?

Does the thought of making coffees, mowing lawns or flogging mortgages not appeal to you? Have you spent your career
achieving results as well building and nurturing relationships? It‘s time to step out, take responsibility for your own destiny and
build on the reputation you have created; to monetise your personal brand. Why go from corporate career to a handyman or lawn
mowing franchise when you can take advantage of your hard work and build a business and a lifestyle more in line with your
career history?

What makes PowerfulPoints so unique?

At PowerfulPoints we create presentations, videos, motion graphics
and other digital media to help our clients get their message across.
We are about helping people get heard, whether that be for sales,
marketing, training, change management or any other purpose.

As a franchisee, you don’t need to be a designer or a copywriter, you
don’t even need to be a creative genius…we have people to do that
part. Your job is business development and account management.
With our support, you find and develop clients that need our services
(which are most companies).

We have been around since 2003 and in that time we have built a
reputation as a creative, customer focused business that delivers
outstanding solutions to today’s communication challenges. We don’t
do advertising: we focus where most design agencies don’t, on getting
messages across to stakeholders, whether they be internal or external.
We count amongst our clients leading brand names like Aldi,
McDonalds, CBA, Bluescope, Hermes, Dulux…a suite of brands that
most agencies would love to have, but we do.

What skills are we looking for in a franchisee?

We are looking for professionals that care about clients, who have mastered the skills needed to drive leads, and are totally committed to providing outstanding client service. You may have a history in sales, marketing or can demonstrate the ability to build a business.

Professionals who have:

A strong ability to build rapport

Sound time management skills

A passion for business

An extensive professional network

Highly effective listening skills

An undying commitment to client service

If you tick most of these boxes and are looking for an opportunity that uses the skills and networks that you have worked hard to
build over your career, then you need to talk to us about this opportunity.

Let’s get started!

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