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At PowerfulPoints we help clients when they really need to get their message across. When the cost of not getting heard, or not getting the results they need, really isn’t an option.

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It’s really hard to get heard these days. People are so bombarded with messages, so time poor, that achieving cut through and driving action is increasingly difficult.

In theory it seems so easy, because your proposition is such a good one, it will “sell itself”. Experience tells us that isn’t always the case…history is littered with good ideas that weren’t taken up (and bad ones that were) not because of the idea itself but because of a failure to get the benefits of the proposition across.

Whether that’s for sales presentations, keynotes, training, new product launches, fund raising or IPO’s…anytime it’s really important to get a result, we tailor a bespoke solution to ensure you get heard and get remembered, because people can’t make decisions about you if they don’t remember what you said.

We work in the area of Presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc), Videos, Augmented Reality and other media and apply our expertise to ensure it has every chance of being heard by the people who need to hear it.

Every situation is different, so feel free to pick our brains about yours. No obligation, no commitments, we’re happy to share our knowledge.

We help you communicate better

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Presentation Design

Stand and deliver with more power and authority. Captivate your audience with an engaging presentation that gets results.


Use the latest technology to cut through and have people get so excited they will tell their friends about you and your company.

Presentation Training

Learn how to build, design and deliver presentations from people who walk the talk. We promise, our training will change your life!


From simple explainer animations to full corporate videos, we can get your message across on budget, on time and with impact.

Graphic Design

Communicating your message across a wide range of media, both traditional and digital.

Sales Enablement

Exclusive Australian agents for Accent Technologies sales enablement software, get your sales people on the road, on message and on brand.


Just a few of the journey’s we’ve shared

Become a communication thought leader

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Have you ever been to a presentation where there were so many colours on one slide that you didn’t know where to pay attention to?…