Presentation skills training course

Building PowerfulPresentations
The Digital Masterclass

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Design Techniques for PowerfulPresentations
The Digital Masterclass

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Our “Curriculum for Presenting” program comprises 3 sections:

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Designing PowerfulPresentations   Download PDF

Delivering PowerfulPresentations    Download PDF

Each program can be undertaken individually or as part of the curriculum.

Our participants tell us the top 4 outcomes of our training programs are:

  • People pay more attention to their presentations
  • Presentations are better looking
  • Colleagues are impressed with their presentations
  • Presentations are more successful (achieve the desired outcome)

We are so confident of the power of our programs that if, at the end of the curriculum you are not convinced we have dramatically altered and improved the way you or your organisation we will gladly refund 100% of the money (or work with you until its true), no questions asked.

We have offered that guarantee since we have started our training programs and we have never been asked for a refund, so we must be doing something right.

Our programs can be delivered in half day or full day formats and we can tailor the program to you specific requirements.

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Course format Overview Course duration Group size
Workshop (Interactive) Workshops provide a proven, end-to-end framework for building, designing and/or delivering an exceptional presentation. 1 day Up to 12
Masterclass (Intensive) Masterclasses have been designed for larger groups and forums, and address some of the key challenges of creating effective presentations Half day Up to 100
Keynote presentations These short but powerful sessions bring awareness to some of the ‘bad habits’ that have become unwittingly ingrained in the way we communicate, along with the (surprisingly simple) practices and tools that can drastically improve efficiency and results. 45 mins Unlimited

Building PowerfulPresentations™


All too often, people rush into creating a presentation with little regard to what they want to achieve and how they plan on doing so. For the presenter, this does little for their credibility or ultimate success. For those on the receiving end, it can be confusing and off-putting.

A great presentation is more than just a series of pretty slides. It’s a balance of solid structure, effective narrative and visual style put together with a clear objective in mind.

This comprehensive and highly practical course is designed to fill a learning gap that is rarely addressed: How to craft a presentation that achieves cut-through and delivers outcomes.

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The one day course gives a great overview on PowerPoint presentations from content, structure to best practice design.

Certainly worth a day out of the office!

Karen Cooke

Corporate Marketing Leader, Flight Centre


Design Techniques for PowerfulPresentations™


Let’s be honest, the traditional bullet point-riddled PowerPoint presentation just doesn’t cut it in today’s multimedia world.
In this course you will learn how to design a presentation that is impactful, visually elegant and highly effective, using PowerPoint’s built-in tools. Created and led by our senior designers, this course has been developed as a direct response to numerous requests from our graduates, and as far as we know is the only course of its kind.

  1. Discover how to effectively lay out a presentation based on professional design standards.
  2. Use ‘Slide Masters’ effectively to simplify and speed-up the design process.
  3. Design your own professional icons and other visual elements to convey messages powerfully.
  4. Create a ‘visual narrative’ with animations and transitions to help visually engage the audience.

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Since I’ve been working with you I’ve not lost a pitch. You have raised my awareness, standards & expectations to deliver nothing short of brilliance every time.

The standard of your presentations are the best we have ever seen here at CCA and taking me to the top of my game.

Jennifer Lymer

National Business Manager, Licensed Division


Delivering PowerfulPresentations™


Business presentations today nearly always involve working with PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or some other visual support material, yet few training courses show you how to deliver a really effective presentation with them. Our Delivering PowerfulPresentations™ programme is designed to give you the skills to present effectively with slides and give maximum effect to your message.

Our clients say that when they work with us, they speak with much more power and authority. The result is more effective delivery of key messages and a greater likelihood of presentations achieving their desired outcomes.

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Delivering powerful presentations’ helps you to be more aware of how and what to present.

A real career changer.

Carlos Young

Commercial Analyst, Campari Australia