90% of users say “seeing a
video” is helpful in the decision
making process.

We create these videos so they communicate powerfully and
showcase your brand.

Why videos work

The brain absorbs information 600,000 times faster visually than aurally. Video
content also delivers more information per minute compared to text and images.

Videos increase our understanding of a product or services by


Enjoyment of video ads increases purchase intent by


By watching videos, viewers retention of a message is


At PowerfulPoints we know there are two essentials when creating a video: get 
people to remember what you said and remember who said it.

The first happens by making sure your message is clearly communicated and relevant
to them. The second comes from strong branding.

Our “audience focusedTM” approach to presentations ensures that the content of
your video is relevant to the audience and our commitment to reflecting your brand
identity gives you the best chance to have them know who is saying it.

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