About Us


PowerfulPoints was established in 2003 in response to an obvious need for better presentations in Australian business. Since then, we have been involved with an extensive range of presentations in a variety of formats including traditional slide shows and full-scale video productions, and are now a well-known presentation design agency around the world.

We are visual communications specialists.

All our graphic artists and multimedia designers must make regular presentations as part of their employment contract. This shows us what visual content supports a speaker’s message and what distracts.

PowerfulPoints is run by people with hands-on management experience. We are grounded in sales, marketing, finance and training.


PowerfulPoints undertook research into audience opinions of slideware presentations and the difference they can make to businesses. We had undertaken extensive investigations prior to this but were unable to come up with any significant research about the problems with poor presentations and the difference high-impact presentations can make.

This investigation, and many others since then, have concluded that people actively want to do business with organisations that create outstanding presentations, and that excellent presentation skills are an almost unmatched driver of career success.