When you present you don’t want the audience to listen politely,
you need them to engage

If it’s results you are after, PowerfulPoints specialist approach to presentation creation will help you not only engage, but lead your audience to the outcome you are aiming for.

A presentation is more than a series of pretty slides and its not the same as a document. It is a unique media that needs a unique approach. At PowerfulPoints, as Australia’s oldest presentation design studio, we’ve spent years refining and defining what makes a presentation work. While good slides are important, they only work if the content and structure are spot-on message. Our approach to this task has been developed for over 16 years and results in:

Only creating slides that matter. No one has ever walked out of a presentation saying “That was great, I wish they had more slides”. The right type of information is on your slides. This will avoid unnecessary text and tables and data that doesn’t make a difference. The presentation having a strong narrative. This is essential to engage your audience and avoid a data dump.

We don’t use any old copywriter. For someone to work on your copy at PowerfulPoints, they will have to be trained in our IP and use our process to create your content. This is something we have been working on since we started PowerfulPoints and reflects thousands of hours of research & development into what makes for a successful presentation. This is why 89% of our clients say we made a significant difference to the results of their project. It doesn’t matter is it PowerPoint, Keynote or butcher’s paper…our system just works.

Look at the benefits:
For sales
  • Presentations that you know are on message, selling your benefits and USPs
  • Time spent in front of clients, not creating presentations
  • Telling your story – in a powerful way
For marketing
  • You know your brand is being represented as it shoulds
  • Everyone is delivering the same, approved message
  • Get your messages across to your sales team and your customers
For HR
  • Keep particpants engaged when training
  • Cut through with those internal comms messages
  • Communicate Technical information clearly
For management
  • Get your messages heard and understood
  • Inspire your staff
  • Create the change you