Theresa May Speech from Hell

Well done Theresa May: How to maintain grace under fire!

Just had to blog this up and tell the world.

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You may not have heard about the UK’s Prime Minister’s speech from hell yesterday (the article is below but I will summarise).

First an “in your face” heckler, then a serious bout of coughing then finally, the sign behind her falling apart. Throughout it all, she maintained her dignity and carried on.

If disaster hasn’t befallen you during a presentation at some stage don’t fret, it will.

Once, for me, my PC decided to reboot halfway through a senior presentation to a global insurance firm. When it does, take a leaf out of Theresa May’s book. Don’t panic and keep going. You will usually find your audience supportive of you in these situations. If you can not take it too seriously, you will also add to your support.

You can read the article here –

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