We’re almost 100% mobile focused, so how do you get your message across?

With the growth of mobile connectivity and the ease of the ability to search for information, there is no doubt that the once humble mobile phone is now our preferred way to source information.

With most smartphones now having larger screens, it makes browsing and buying much easier. Consumers now expect that content providers have a user friendly mobile experience.

If not, they quickly move on to find one that does.

In short, user experience is key and without it you are sunk!

A recent study by social publishing tool Animoto which revealed that organisations get more engagement with square videos than landscape videos on social media channels. In fact it stated that square videos resulted in 30-35% higher video views and an 80-100% increase in engagement.

Secondly it revealed a number of insights into the types of videos that receive the most engagement on social media http://sonicsight.com.au

This draws us back to the question, “how is your business getting its message across?”.

Gone are the days when a “near enough is good enough” approach will work, when it comes communication around launching a new product.

With the evolution of mobile technology comes new responsibility, your goal must be to not only gain your audiences attention, but to maintain it.

Most of us know the adage “attention span of a goldfish” but it is truer now than ever before. Historically it referred to someone who was aloof, today technology has changed the landscape.

We are all now exposed to a super highway of brand messaging, which has given us all the attention span of a goldfish to help wade through what is noise, and what is valuable content that suits our needs.

A recent study by VentureBeat found that over 92% of Facebook users access the platform via their mobile phone and that more videos are watched on mobile devices than anything else with the trend rising.

Your message will get much higher results if professionally created from end to end.

Your business has spent many thousands of dollars creating the new product, designing a training program and/or hours collating the end of year reports. Only to suffer from poorly designed presentation materials and ill flowing content with visuals that look like spam, because you have failed to clearly plan how our message is going to be perceived.

As a whole many businesses today, have failed to keep the end user in mind.

Did you know that the 4 hottest topic trending right now are;

  • Video marketing
  • Social proof
  • Personal branding
  • Mobile marketing

If you are not using professional resources to help you design, create and deliver your message, then your business is missing opportunities.

Failure to engage your audiences with unprofessionally created and most importantly poorly designed content will only result in “failure to launch” or not achieving your goals.

If you are serious about understanding how to leverage the different channels that you can use to drive your message, then you need to draw on resources of the team at PowerfulPoints to help you to carefully plan, craft and deliver their message to capture the audience’s full attention.

How do you plan on getting your message across? Lee Featherby (@mrpresentations)