The Challenges

AISHU is one of China’s leading big data companies … you could say a one-stop shop for large data management. With a partner conference coming up within a month, AISHU wanted an opening video that would be highly emotive, moving people from just thinking about big data but also the world it would create. As the conference theme was about the Silk Road, China’s traditional trade route to Europe, we had to incorporate reference to that too. Because AISHU are a leading-edge technology company, we also had to show leading-edge technology and produce it in both Chinese and English.

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Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Our Solution

Nothing is more emotive than a child’s relationship with their parents, particularly around birthday time. So, we decided to tell the story of a girl and her father being called away on an urgent business issue on her birthday. We managed to include a strong reference to the Silk Road as well as technology at work and at home, plus create the relationship between father and daughter. The result is a story that is sweet, yet powerful around the impact of technology on our lives today and in the future.

The Results

In the course of this cooperation, PowerfulPoints exhibited a high level of professionalism and dedication, we were impressed deeply. With an accurate understanding of our needs, meticulous service, and a proactive work attitude, they delivered results that exceeded our expectations in a timely and accurate manner. As AISHU’s new vision is being released, we are very happy to be able to cooperate with an excellent team like PowerfulPoints, and would like to thank all team members for their hard work.

Soufe Li
Vice President of Brand and Human Resources, AISHU