APA Group

The Challenges

The HR team was struggling to find an innovative way to communicate their Diversity & Inclusion strategy. They had used various videos in the past and the style was always the same – a person talking in front of a camera. They weren’t engaging and therefore not getting the message across.

APA Group Logo
  • Deliverables
  • Copy writing
  • Brand strategy
  • Illustration
  • Animated video

Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Our Solution

We created a new look and feel that would very strongly represent the APA Group. Aiming to add new layers of visual illustration and characters to complement their existing brand. It was new, different, well branded and allowed people to relate with the ideas better and therefore improve the retention.

We worked on the content and structure to provide comprehensive messaging, well-articulated and to the point. Our experience has taught us that video’s should be kept within a 3 min timeline, anything longer would see a serious drop off in viewing. It was developed in PowerPoint, which allows for changes to be made, over time, without adding dramatically to the costs.

The Results

The client loved it! The piece produced was ticking all the boxes: clear, easy to remember, cost effective and flexible. Asking the staff for their feedback, they found it engaging, with clear messaging that has been retained. The added bonus is that our design has been the catalyst for deeper discussion internally. As a result we have been asked to develop a similar video to be used externally.

APG group - illustration example