Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Challenges

As the country’s largest financial institution, and with a presence across New Zealand, Fiji, Asia, the US, and the UK, it’s not always possible for all employees to be present in one place, or even at one time, to engage with education, updates or new innovations. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia needed a series of marketing webinars that could be released and shown to the advisory group as a whole on a particular date, but could also be viewed and understood on any given date in the future.

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  • Deliverables
  • Copy Writing
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Animated Videos
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Our Solution

To get the best possible engagement, our team developed and delivered a series of five ‘Marketing Fundamentals’ video tutorials. The videos assist advisers with actionable marketing and client engagement ideas, together with supporting tools to execute them. Previously, this information was only available in long-form hard copy. The tutorials tested a new method of engagement within the company, and had the added benefit of always being available.

PowerfulPoints assisted with content creation and script writing, developing a unique yet on-brand look and feel, as well as storyboards, illustrations and animation to bring the education to life.

The Results


Video views from advisers across the group within the first 2 months of creation

Emails for this series achieved an open rate as high as


Feedback received from advisers was very positive with most describing the videos as being

‘Spot On’