The Challenges

Gigamon is the first company to provide tools that allows visibility of what is happening in both an organisation’s cloud and local networks: effectively closing any security
blind spots.

We were asked to help communicate that, the tools they have available and how these tools work. The brief required us to include some specific models in the visuals to truly represent the architecture on offer plus it also had to work in a number of environments, from the web site to trade shows.

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Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 02
Our Solution

Because of its ability to make the complex simple, we recommended the use of a white board video: except we recommend it be in black. Well, black and orange actually, the company’s colours. We did this to help it stand out from the usual whiteboard video and, more importantly, ensure that the Gigamon brand was well represented…something that is missing from these types of communication. We took the brief and worked with the client to simplify and clarify the challenge from the personal perspective of their main buyer, because we believe the more personal you can create a problem/solution, the more it is likely to resonate.

The Results

So popular was the result, it has since been translated and adapted to Thai, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German.