The Challenges

A team from McDonalds Australia knew that in order to communicate better,
they had to have more visually sophisticated presentations. They were aware
that their current presentation standards weren’t as effective as they could be
in getting their messages across. Teamwide, they had an intermediate level of
PowerPoint skills but understood that knowing the software didn’t mean they
knew how to design effectively.

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Our Solution

PowerfulPoints ran our “Design Techniques for PowerfulPresentations”
program on how to create more effective visuals in presentations. The
program, one of three offered to improve the effectiveness of presentations, is run by a senior designer and covers core principles of presentation design. It has been distilled over many years by our designers to significantly improve the way messages are delivered and received. No more ‘Death by PowerPoint’!

The Results
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That PowerfulPoints class, we seriously LOVED it! Partnering with
PowerfulPoints to create (at times, ambitious) training and engagement
materials is always a smooth, professional and fun process! PowerfulPoints
are a valued and highly recommended friend of McDonald’s Australia

Jessie Burns
National Operations – Restaurant Communications Consultant
McDonalds Australia
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