McDonald’s China

The Challenges

McDonalds China had Steve Easterbrook, the worldwide CEO,
coming to Beijing, China and they wanted to hold a very
special “Town Hall” meeting with staff to celebrate. Chinese
culture traditionally likes to show respect to senior people and
this was to be no exception. The theme was “Remember your
past but win the future” and they asked PowerfulPoints to
create a visual expression of that, as well as produce the
presentation for the day. Not only was Steve Easterbrook in
attendance, but also the senior people from McDonald’s China.
It was imperative the day made a big impact.

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Commonwealth Bank presentation slide 04
Our Solution

We designed a strong yet mystical theme representing the
traditional architectural icons of China on the left and the more
modern landmarks on the right, representing the flow of time from
the past, to the present. We also suggested the senior executives
make a memento for the day so we organised a Chinese
calligraphy session with all the senior people creating one
character of the theme on a specially prepared banner. To ensure
success, we consulted with calligraphy experts so that we had
the right inks, brushes and paper. That banner, seen in the photos,
now hangs in the world headquarters of McDonald’s in the US.

The Results
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The event was a fantastic success. It was our great pleasure to have worked with the amazing team at PowerfulPoints and we all love and appreciate the team’s work. It’s great to have them as a partner that we can rely on to deliver an exceptional product time and time again.

Regina Hui
VP of Communications at McDonald’s China
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