The Challenges

Having staff understand the company mission and their role in
it is critical to success, especially for a multinational business. Sometimes,
particularly in complex businesses, it takes more than a video
or presentation for staff to really understand, engage and learn.
The APAC Research Solutions, Life Science business of Merck
knew this and developed a game to help get their message across.

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  • Deliverables
  • Concept Development
  • Illustration
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Our Solution

Because of the size of the playing board, we needed to ensurethat the image would be clear when printed on such a large document. We needed to create a sense of depth also, but the budget didn’t extend to 3D. Instead, we went isometric. This allowed us to create a multilevel space that covered the various aspects of the vision, as well as the hierarchical aspect of the broad elements of the business strategy. Because we used an isometric concept, we could secure many of the vector images from stock image libraries. This saved cost and, as they were vector, they could be scaled to any size without losing quality.

The Result

Despite several modifications during the development process, the concept quickly became a detailed and well-structured drawing from a sketch. What was particularly impressive was that the team could quickly complete each modification and reflected the changes. In the end, it achieved the substantial content and reasonable structure, which well conveyed our business strategy.

Regional Sales Operation Project Manager
Life Sciences Business Unit Research and Application Solution Asia Pacific,
Merck Illustration example