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The Challenges

The procurement team historically has had difficulty getting
their message across when presenting both internally and
externally. As a result, they spent a lot of time creating
presentations that simply weren’t achieving their goals. The
communication wasn’t engaging or using consistent styling
and branding.

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Our Solution

We delivered an entire training curriculum to a team of
procurement executive managers. We addressed each of the
pivotal elements that make a powerful presentation: structure
and content, design techniques and delivery; all in a one-day
session. The course offers strong frameworks which, when
used correctly, improve resulting presentations exponentially.
Each session is also followed up with a two-hour group
workshop to reinforce the learnings and allow the team to work
on current projects with the trainer.

The Results

A shift in the way they approach the development of presentations. As a direct consequence, the team now works better together and shares constructive feedback to each other when creating presentations. Also, they have improved dramatically the way their messages are represented. With visually engaging, clear and clean presentations being created, this result in better audience information retention and calls to action that bring results.

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