It would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t heard of ChatGPT-3 since its launch in November 2022 – it has been a major point of conversation among businesses, academics, and consumers. People are excited by the wide range of applications and potential ChatGPT-3 offers, as well as raising questions and controversies surrounding ethical, societal, and safety issues.

This webinar will be an incredible opportunity to get ahead in the AI game, providing a platform to get answers to some of the questions people have: what impact will ChatGPT have on our lives, what jobs will be most affected, and how can one use it to remain competitive in today’s market?

Lee Featherby, CEO fo PowerfulPoints, hosts the perfect experts to help answer all of these questions: Dr Mark van Rijmenam, Futurist and Author of 5 books, the latest of which was written using ChatGPT,  Renee Francis, founder and director of The Bubble Co, and Take3 as well as Jon WellmanDirector of Vokke, a Melbourne-based digital transformation agency.