Attract Gen Z with videos

Ever wonder why there’s a growing buzz around Gen Z’s attention span when it comes to video content? The rumour mill suggests that if a video isn’t bite-sized, it won’t grab their attention. But, at PowerfulPoints, we believe there’s more to the story.

The consensus until now has been straightforward: keep videos under three minutes. Why? Because Gen Z is seemingly hooked on quick content shots, especially from platforms like TikTok. Yet, films like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” challenge this theory. With “Barbie” spanning nearly two hours and “Oppenheimer” touching three, Gen Z’s video consumption behaviour is more diverse than we thought. Had the so-called experts been right, these movies would’ve tanked.

At PowerfulPoints, we’ve taken note of a McKinsey research that indicated that a whopping 20-30% of Gen Z engages with videos for an impressive six hours daily. That’s not merely flipping through content snippets—it signifies a genuine interest in binge-worthy video content.

Here are three essential media trends PowerfulPoints emphasizes:

  1. Surging Book Sales: While there’s talk of waning interest in lengthy books, sales figures, particularly for young-adult fiction, are booming. It’s clear that Gen Z’s appetite for long-form content isn’t limited to videos alone.
  2. Long-Form Video Interest: Gen Z is still keen on long-form video, dispelling the myth that their preferences are set on shorter clips.
  3. Movie and TV Viewing: Despite speculations of diminishing attention spans, Gen Z’s love for movies and video experiences remains unshaken.

The essence? Video content isn’t just about duration—it’s about engagement. A 2015 Microsoft study, referenced by many at PowerfulPoints, showcases that flexibility in attention spans is real.

The takeaway? Instead of the “short vs. long” debate, the real battle is “mundane vs. captivating.” At PowerfulPoints, we aim to create video content that genuinely resonates.

For video creators keen to appeal to Gen Z, PowerfulPoints recommends:

  1. Creating Content of Varying Lengths: Balance between shorter clips and in-depth videos. Don’t confine your creativity—dive deep when the narrative demands it.
  2. Prioritising Engagement Over Length: It’s all about captivating the audience from the get-go and holding their attention.
  3. Incorporate Interactive Videos: Amp up user engagement with interactive videos—it’s a game-changer in content consumption. (Speak to us if you aren’t sure what interactive videos are or how they work!)
  4. Stay Abreast with Trends & Research: The media domain is ever-evolving. Stay updated with PowerfulPoints’ insights on the latest trends and shifts.

And remember, the debate around attention span isn’t exclusively a Gen Z phenomenon. All age brackets, based on Powerfulpoints research, showcase an escalating demand for stellar video content.

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[2] Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015