UpSlide: Is this the world’s best Office plug-in?

Maintaining control of brand standards and not having staff spend hours creating presentations are two of the biggest challenges we have seen managers face. The weighting of those varies by department but they are big issues in all larger companies.

This is where UpSlide can help. We discovered this outstanding plug-in when looking for a product that would help one client control the icons their staff used, UpSlide not only controls icons but just about every component…images, icons, charts, tables, slides, slide grouping…the lot!


We were so impressed we invited UpSlide to give a demo at our monthly webinar and we’ve included it here. It will take 45 minutes but I promise you, it will be time well spent. It does beg the question – UpSlide: Is this the world’s best Office plug-in?

If you’d like more information or an in-person demonstration, click here to complete the form and we will be back in touch!