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How to Create an Awesome Presentation – Slide Content

October 16, 2017

Now that you know why you create a slide, it now begs the question, what content do you put on a slide? Before we talk about that, you need to know the difference between 2 very different types of memory – Verbatim and Gist. Verbatim comes from the Latin word Verbum which means “word for word” and Gist on the other hand is where we get the “general” meaning of something like an idea. Knowing the difference between Verbatim and…

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How to Create an Awesome Presentation – Why Create a Slide for?

Everyone knows their presentation slides should be simple, clean and concise … yet everyone that I have spoken to do exactly the opposite … WHY? It appears most people don’t know the purpose of a slide. To dispel a major myth, sides are NOT there for the speaker, it’s for the audience. If your slides are there to remind you of what you need to say, let me tell you now, you’re heading for disaster! So, what are slides for then?…

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How to Create an Awesome Presentation – Managing Presentation Content

September 19, 2017

So far we have established our presentation objective, determined what our audience would need to know and have placed our content in a logical structure that makes sense. The next challenge is to see what content you have and whether they address the audiences questions. Remember in our previous video I told you to divide your questions into groups within PowerPoint? Now that you have all the questions, your job is to place all the content you have into these…

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