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Creating Killer Content for your Next Presentation

Having the right content in your Presentation will determine whether you reach business objectives or not. Most speakers focus their content on what they want to say rather than what their audience needs/wants to hear/see. You will be amazed at the difference your Presentation will be once you know how to identify the right content along with a good structure and narrative that tells an engaging story. Learn more by clicking the image above and find out how to start…

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Hitting Client Pain Points

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your products or services are if they don’t address your audience in a way they understand. For example, asking for more funds for a project you’re working on will not be as effective as you telling management the consequences if this project fails due to a shortage of funds. When Presenting your key take away to your audience you need to think from THEIR perspective and position the message in a way they see value…

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How can this image change the way you present?

Lots of people know what they should do. They know what they should do to lose weight, they know what they should do to retire comfortably or that know that they should give up smoking…and I sure they know what they should do to do that. In fact, on a day to day basis, whether personal or business, none of us seems to be short of knowledge about what we should do, so why can some people do these things and…

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