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The goal of your explainer video is to fundamentally persuade people to take action, to push your customers through the sales funnel with easy to understand explainer videos.  To start the process you need to have a clear idea of:

What do you want your
video to do?

Increase sales
or leads

Explain product
or process

Tell a brand story
or message

An explainer video (also known as a homepage video, overview video or conversion video) is designed to explain your company, product, service or subject in a way that your audience can understand in two minutes or less. Most explainer videos cover four key points: the problem, the solution, the features and benefits, and how the solution works.

The key to a solid explainer video is keeping it short and engaging, while still conveying the right information. No matter what you’re explaining, an explainer video should leave your viewers with a clear understanding of what you do and a desire to take the next step.

Explainer videos done well are powerful mediums to get your message across showcasing your products or services within any sector resulting in an engaged and educated audience able to make better buying decisions.

Video is more relevant today than ever before;

  • Companies that use videos in their marketing have 27% higher click through rate and 34% higher conversion rates than those that don’t. (Buffer)
  • Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. (Unbounce)
  • By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (85% in the US).(Cisco)
  • One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. (Forrester Research)
  • 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text. (Wordstream)
  • 55% of people pay close attention when consuming videos — more than all other types of content. (HubSpot)
  • 51% of all video plays are on mobile devices. (Adelie Studios)
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Insivia)
  • 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product, rather than read about it. (eMarketer)
  • Searches related to “how to” on YouTube have grown 70% year on year. (Google)
  • 80% of consumers believe demonstration videos are helpful when making purchases. (Blue Corona)
  • 80% of users can recall a video ad that they viewed in the last 30 days. (Single Grain)
  • 65% of executives have navigated to a vendor’s site and 39% have called a vendor after watching a marketing video. (Forbes)
  • Brands that use video marketing grow their year-over-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t. (Aberdeen)
  • On average, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. (Insivia)
  • Before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if one is available. (Single Grain)
  • Bottom line 73% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. (Buffer)
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    Explainer videos have the power to really get your message across, humanising your brand, educating your customers if done well in a manner that they can connect with and promote your products.

    It’s not just about having one good explainer video on your homepage. Video, like any marketing effort, is an ongoing strategy.

    With an explainer video you have in reality 90 seconds or less to explain your point of difference in a manner which your customers, employees or stakeholders will understand.

    A good explainer video concept needs to balance creative and strategy. The creative is required to engage the viewer and give them a reason to care about watching your video. The strategy is required to ensure you are “on message” delivering content that resonates with your viewers and motivates them to take the desired action.

    Have you been tasked with the responsibility of creating an explainer video and feeling a bit overwhelmed?

    Don’t fall for the “I can do it myself” trap!

    Designing, creating and delivering a professional explainer video isn’t as simple as putting together a slide deck in a PowerPoint presentation, if you really need to get your message across you need to have a clear strategy and well designed outcome that engages your audience and not look like a DIY presentation that does nothing but turn audiences off.

    There’s no need to be, PowerfulPoints team are here to support you every step of the way.  As explainer video experts, PowerfulPoints can help you to translate your content into a succinct clear explainer video that is engaging and drives results.

    When you really need to get your message across, we help you to convert visitors into leads and leads into clients with explainer video.

    The PowerfulPoints team are experts at helping your create animated explainer videos, presentations, corporate video and marketing videos from copy writing to design, content creation to supporting your with final delivery.