Why is it important to be an influential presenter?

First of all, what is an “Influential Presenter”?

An “Influential Presenter” is someone who knows that applying new techniques and using effective platforms, combined with a sound understanding of the fundamental principles of message delivery, sets them above their peers. Inevitably this allows them to deliver with absolute confidence.

Sounds easy right?

It should be, but we all know it isn’t. With millions of dollars often being spent on R&D for a sales presentation, financial presentations to influential stakeholders and many other business critical functions, it is amazing to see the short cuts being made when creating key messaging presentations.

The “Influential Presenters” are hungry to learn about new ways to present and understand when to engage professional resources to help them deliver that wow factor.

They recognize the need for quality content, design and execution when getting their message across.

All of us have a vision of how we want our presentation to be received. Imagineing ourselves up on the stage and receiving a roaring applause afterwards. Sadly many presentations leave audiences with a blank look, wondering what just happened. In short the message did not translate from concept to execution.

Influential Presenters” spend time targeting their audiences precisely, tailoring content to recipients with a professional, creative approach.

Any competent graphic designer or presentation designer can put your message into smart slides, but ask yourself these questions, with the amount of investment that your company has undertaken to date:

  • Will they deliver an end to end solution that guarantees your message is really received? 100% 100%
  • Are they able to advise you on new techniques or effective ways to achieve your goals? 100% 100%

It’s time to take professional presentations to the next level, it’s time to get real results. PowerfulPoints can help stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

We understand relationships matter more than ever, your audience will tune out due to irrelevant content or unprofessional messaging.

We work closely with companies that do want to engage, that focus on sharing useful and relevant information and content. Helping our clients inform and engage so that they aren’t just selling — they’re building relationships.

It’s your opportunity

Decision makers, influencers, and CEO’s of today and tomorrow have taken the time to attend your presentation, the people you want to target, are now all in one place.

Your role is to engage with purpose. They’re coming specifically to listen to what you have to say. It’s your opportunity to engage effectively.

You’re reaching a quality audience and it must be delivered with a professional context. Understanding the cost of getting a presentation professionally prepared is minuscule compared to what’s at stake.

It’s your responsibility to engage them in a meaningful way, sharing valuable content about your products, services or results, tailored to your audience. By doing so, you become part of your audience’s conversation.

Seize the opportunity to engage your audience

Achieve your presentation goals;

  1. Target – The group by creating meaningful awareness of your brand
  2. Engage – Your audience with quality content as they are forming perceptions and making decisions
  3. Optimize – The opportunity placed before you to generate quality leads and build your relationship

Specifically prepare your message for the right audience

With your specific goal in mind, PowerfulPoints can innovatively help you create multiple touch points and help influence your specific decision makers.

Learn more about how to become an influential presenter https://powerfulpoints.com.au/become-influential-presenter/

Lee Featherby (@mrpresentations)