I am constantly amazed at the number of missed opportunities by businesses when they are trying to grab your attention and get their message across.

This block of factories are in a prime location on a major freeway in Melbourne that has tens of thousands of vehicles going past each day, and the first impression I get is totally underwhelming.

No doubt they are spending hard earned profits on marketing to attract new leads, yet right on their front door is a massive missed opportunity. Their front of house is a golden opportunity to market to thousands of potential clients.

Why is it a missed opportunity?

They have not thought about their strategy and how this prime position, which no doubt was a major in picking this location, could be leveraged. It is clear that they did what most owners do, simply called the local sign-writer and dictated a message to be put up on the windows.

The sign-writer has diligently provided what the client requested and the end result as you can clearly see is a mishmash of messages that, let’s be blunt, miss the mark.

Ponder for a moment the cost to each of these businesses, the missed opportunities cause by an unclear message, not only for their business but as a group. This could have been avoided by collaborating together, bringing in a professional design and strategy service that would work with all the businesses to create a powerful unified message that creates awareness and potential business.

How is your business missing opportunities?

Take a moment to reflect on the many customers, stakeholdesr and audience touch points in your business and ask yourself “Am I really getting my message across consistently and in a way that delivers results?”

If not maybe it’s time to stop what you are doing and bring in the right resources for the task at hand. This will driving leads, deliver results and enhance your reputation.

Lee Featherby (@mrpresentations)