What is your presentation strategy?

While most businesses can achieve reasonable success with basic powerpoint presentation techniques and marketing, when it comes to strategically aligning the two, frustration can start to occur.

An unaligned strategy does nothing but retard sales, fail to harvest peer or stakeholder support and result in a confused message being delivered. It’s your responsibility in creating your presentation to focus on providing your prospective audience with a clear concise and well defined message that;

Grabs your target markets attention.

Drives their interest in your brand /product/ presentation.

Facilitates a conversation with you and creates buy in.

Your strategy must take into account how you plan to engage with your intended audience, not unlike social media channels where a major part of the strategy involves geo targeting to really reach the right audience.

Social media marketers understand clearly that they have an extremely small window of opportunity to reach their audience and get their message across.

Marketers using social channels understand they need to start with a clear strategy starting with developing the message right, creating engagement by adding value at each touch point in the customer’s journey with the brand, they must also use proven data to locate and deliver the message to their intended audience with accuracy.

Developing a holistic approach to your communication strategy, from the early product design stages, to manufacturing, to employees and then the boardroom to end user, will avoid “failure to launch”.

The old “One size fits all” approach no longer cuts the mustard, with the evolution of presentation techniques and technology to deliver, audience’s expectations are much higher. As managers, entrepreneurs or directors, we simply can’t keep pace with the constantly evolving marketing strategies and communication techniques.

Does your message reflect today’s diverse needs?

Regardless of the presentation strategy, distribution channel and message style that you adopt the end user must be able to consciously participate.

Sculpting a strategy that engages multiple markets and levels of user experience is a challenge for the inexperienced. For those time its a minefield, it is imperative you don’t create something that is so poorly designed it reeks of “I did it yesterday in a rush”

We need to spend time to look at our end to end presentation strategy, and then create a message that engages with your audience. Regardless of which channels you decide to use, not having a sound presentation strategy is putting at risk the millions of dollars that your business has invested.

At PowerfulPoints our process start by gaining an understanding of who your target market is, develop a tone and voice, then design a presentation that engages your audience that generates a call to action.

Our strategies come from years of experience, our team know what works and what doesn’t, we provide you with the support to know;

What to deliver

Where to deliver it

How to deliver it

How to measure it

With so many options, the need to develop a clear strategy to deliver your message can be overwhelming, the biggest challenge for all businesses is constantly evolving technology to deliver and shifting audience expectations.

On the other hand this creates amazing opportunities that require different solutions for different target markets such as Millennials vs Baby Boomers. The team at PowerfulPoints as your partners are here to help you really get your message across.