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Theresa May Speech from Hell

Well done Theresa May: How to maintain grace under fire! Just had to blog this up and tell the world. You may not have heard about the UK’s Prime Minister’s speech from hell yesterday (the article is below but I will summarise). First an “in your face” heckler, then a serious bout of coughing then finally, the sign behind her falling apart. Throughout it all, she maintained her dignity and carried on. If disaster hasn’t befallen you during a presentation…

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Why An Audience Won’t Take Action – Delivering the right message to the right audience

How to get your message heard So you put your heart and sole into your presentation but failed to hit your sign up target Sound familiar? Most (but not all) business presentations are about having people take action – getting them to do something after the presentation.  Things like buy your product, approve your project, give you a pay rise or promotion, all sorts of things.  If that is the case, then you need to consider what will stimulate them…

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If they don’t “Buy the Why”, they won’t buy your idea.

The Why, the importance of understanding what problem you are solving In his book “Start with Why” Simon Sinnek emphasises that people buy the “why” of a company well before they buy the “what”. It’s the same with presentations. All presentations aim to get people to think/do/feel a certain way, so you need to start with the “why”. By that, I mean you need to spend time outlining the reason “why” what you are about to say, or what you…

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