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Nervous? Dont calm down, get excited! – How to deliver a powerful presentation

Why getting excited about your presentation will endure you get your message across. Knock em dead, no wake them up and motivate them.   It’s human nature to be anxious We all get nervous before an important presentation and I’m often asked about ways to overcome nervousness before we present. Most try to eliminate the anxiety by calming down but, as research shows, this is the worse possible option. The research, out of Harvard Business School and published in the esteemed…

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How to Become an Influential Presenter

Are you looking to become an influential presenter Not sure where to start? Ok, so you have been asked to do a Presentation in 3 weeks’ time about the results of a recent project you and your team have successfully completed. What’s the FIRST thing you do? Like most people, you would put it aside and not think about it until 3 days before the Presentation. You then panic, open PowerPoint and find whatever slides have been used in the…

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Why An Audience Won’t Take Action – Delivering the right message to the right audience

How to get your message heard So you put your heart and sole into your presentation but failed to hit your sign up target Sound familiar? Most (but not all) business presentations are about having people take action – getting them to do something after the presentation.  Things like buy your product, approve your project, give you a pay rise or promotion, all sorts of things.  If that is the case, then you need to consider what will stimulate them…

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