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How to Create Killer Content for your Next Presentation

Creating killer content for a powerpoint presentation is easy with these few steps. Are you worried about nailing your next presentation or just want to polish up your skills? Having the right content in your Presentation will determine whether you reach business objectives or not. Most speakers focus their content on what they want to say rather than what their audience needs/wants to hear/see. Watch this short video to learn more or keep reading. These helpful tips will make sure…

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Some presenters just don’t get it. – Why content is king

Why content reigns supreme. Okay, I’m not known for my political correctness as I’m sure this headline confirms – but really they don’t. They think they are clever, but all they do is demonstrate they really don’t understand how slides work in conjunction with the presenter to reinforce the message. I’m referring to presenters who think a presentation that consists of big images and short text is the way to go, but they don’t take time to think about how…

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Content, structure & visuals ALWAYS matter

When less is more and over complicating your presentation wont work. I recently attended a financially based conference that involved the CEO’s presenting their company to prospective investors. If you wanted to see an exercise in poor presentation, this was it. They only had a short time to present so they had to get their message across quickly and effectively. What to put on a Powerpoint presentation or rather what not to. The following comments apply to all 7 presenters….

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