Case Studies


A leading science & technology company active in Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials with presence in 66  countries, the APAC Research Solutions team developed a game concept to help communicate their business vision and its execution.

They needed a visual tool that would work with the gaming concept and contained all the aspects of the plan, set against the strategic pillars of the business, which area critical element of the learning. Because it spanned the APAC region it had to include a number of ethnic groups. The budget that was limited and the “Playing Board” needed to be large: A0.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

As the country’s largest financial institution, and with presence across New Zealand, Fiji, Asia, the US, and the UK, its not always possible for all employees to be present in one place, or even at one time, to engage with education, updates or new innovations. CBA needed  series of marketing webinars that could be released and shown to the advisory group as a whole on a particular date,  but should also be able to be viewed and understood on any given date in the future


A team from McDonalds Australia knew that in order to communicate better, they had to have more visually sophisticated presentations. They were aware that their current presentation standards weren’t as effective as they could be in getting their message across. All the team had an intermediate level of PowerPoint skills but understood that knowing the software didn’t mean they knew how to design effectively.

Sustainability Victoria

The team responsible for measuring climate change perception has had difficulty conveying a clear and impactful message. Sustainability Victoria engaged PowerfulPoints in the hope that we could add visual narrative and draw more attention to the statistics and figures the surveys were revealing.

APA Group

The HR team was struggling to find an innovative way to communicate their Diversity & Inclusion strategy. They had used various videos in the past and the style was always the same – a person talking in front of a camera. They weren’t engaging and therefore not getting the message across.

McDonalds China

McDonalds China had Steve Easterbrook, the worldwide CEO, coming to Beijing, China and they wanted to hold a very special “Town Hall” meeting with staff to celebrate.  Chinese culture traditionally likes to show respect to senior people and this was to be no exception.  The theme was “Remember your past but win the future” and they asked PowerfulPoints to create a visual expression of that as well produce the presentation for the day. Not only was Steve Easterbrook in attendance, but also the senior people from McDonald’s China. It was imperative the day made a big impact.

Sydney Trains

The procurement team historically has had difficulty getting their message across when presenting both internally and externally. As a result, they spent a lot of time creating presentations that simply weren’t achieving their goals. The communication wasn’t engaging or using consistent styling and branding.